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Homepage Sponsorships ($300/550 month)

Sponsor the RigCount homepage since this the page it all begins. Homepage sponsorships are an exclusive advertising opportunity there are seven front page sponsors this gives the advertiser on our site's most important page.

We have a scrolling 120x60 for multiple sponsors at $250 per month and there are twelve 300x250 ads at $300 per month that appear on the front page and one bottom banner ad 728x90 at $550 per month. Min three months.






Section Sponsorship ($750/month)

Sponsor a section of the RigCount website for exclusive, targeted, affordable exposure. Your sponsorship gives you exclusive use of the banner space 728x90 throughout the section of your choice for one full month. The following sections can be sponsored: Jobs, Equipment and News. Min three months.



Run-of-Site Banner Advertising 300x250 ($75/thousand banner ads)

You can purchase banner ad space using the CPM model - you purchase space in increments of 1,000 viewings of your banner. Banner ads are purchased run-of-site and appear in any section of RigCount. The minimum purchase for banner ads is $600 (8,000 banner ad impressions). (except the homepage)





Featured Job ($100/week)
Make sure that the greatest number of qualified candidates see your job by featuring it with RigCount. Your job will appear in the daily newsletter and as a featured position in the RigCount Career Center for one full week.


Featured Equipment ($250/month)
Selling your oilfield equipment can be a challenge, but RigCount can make it easier with a comprehensive marketing package designed to bring you buyers. Your equipment will be featured in our daily newsletter, placed on the homepage of our Equipment section, and advertised across the RigCount website with run-of-site banner ads.


Terms of advertising:


Ad View/Impression: one viewing of an advertisement (banner) on one page by one person

CPM: cost per thousand CPM is the cost per one thousand (1,000) impressions. Terminology of CPM is the cost per 1,000 viewings of one particular advertisement. For instance, a CPM of $40 means that for a fee of $40 the advertisement in question will be displayed 1,000 times (will receive 1,000 impressions).


Run-of-Site (ROS): advertising appears randomly across all pages (except the homepage) of the site Run-of-site refers to the placement of your advertising. With run-of-site your banners will appear on any page of the site (except the homepage).


Advertising with us: At RigCount we understand that your advertising needs are incredibly diverse. RigCount will work with you to develop a campaign suited to your needs and your budget. To develop your custom advertising solution, contact a RigCount representative today sales@RigCount.com or by phone at 281-370-7447.



Terms of service: Prices and descriptions subject to change without notice.